Why is Street Art Important?

Just a couple of years ago, street art was heavily looked down upon and still viewed as vandalism. Now, as we are becoming more open-minded, we can see that street art is a form of expression, just like all other forms of art, and that it carries a lot of importance. However, even today there are still those who do not understand why street art is important and necessary and how much meaning a simple wall-art can have for people. 

Creativity and freedom

Art exists so that people can express their creativity and passion through beautiful works that other people can relate to. When you see a great work of art, it makes you feel an array of emotions, from happiness and sadness to anger. Street art accomplishes that, just like any other art form. By creating art in the middle of a street, artists are stepping outside of the box, breaking known conventions, and expressing their freedom. They are finding new ways of connecting to people, conveying important messages, as well as diversifying artistic expression. 


Street artists often choose to remain anonymous, which makes their art more mysterious and intriguing. However, the aspect of anonymity is more important than you think. Artists usually have to go through a long process of studying art in an ‘official’, university setting, as well as spend years trying to make a name for themselves until they are able to present their work in a gallery. Often their work is judged by art critics who then determine whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, which in turn determines their success. Street art breaks those boundaries between artists and people. It allows anyone that freedom of expression, not dependent on other people. This means that you can become a known artist, no matter your gender, age, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. Moreover, formal art forms are often not as controversial as street art is because anonymity gives you that freedom to say exactly what you feel. 

Political and social commentary

You will often find that even the simplest street art has a powerful message behind it. No matter if it’s a protest, a call for action, or just a controversial statement, street art can make a powerful impression on the people. In many countries, when people feel powerless or angry and hurt because of social or political situations, street art is sometimes the only way they can express their thoughts in hope that casual passers-by will relate to it and feel less alone. A building with graffiti art can seem ugly to some people but for many others, it can be a message of hope they desperately needed. 

Prettier surroundings

Not only does it bring hope to people, but street art also makes our surroundings prettier.

Colorful buildings and interesting pictures you see while you commute to work can brighten up your day and bring you that surge of energy you needed to keep going. They make cities more interesting and unique so that you never look out of your window and find bleak, grey nothingness. Not to mention that these designs serve as a perfect background for taking pictures. 

Sense of Community

One thing street art manages to do that other, formal art forms rarely can, is establishing a sense of community. It brings people closer together, and every neighborhood unique and different. Every small community has its own street art to be proud of and known by. 

Lessons it teaches younger generations

Lastly, street art has a positive effect on children, teaching them that they do not have to conform to established rules and boundaries and that they should be free to express themselves in a positive way.