Amazing Charity Apps That Will Help You Give Back

We all like to do something for ourselves, but also something for the world. The world is, after all, a place which we will be inhabiting for some time and after that, others will come and take our place. We should leave something for them to have, rather than letting everything go to waste.

Sure, a little entertainment from time to time will not hurt anyone. We all like using computers and smartphones, we all like using the internet. Some people watch TV shows and movies, while others have fun by using the Virgin Casino promo code online.

However, using a computer doesn’t mean that we cannot be useful to the rest of the world. Here is how you can give back to the world, with the following applications.


This application was created by none other than the United Nations. The application allows you to donate money and help feed people all over the world, but mostly those who need it. With as low as 50 cents, you can feed a person, and that much money is often an afterthought for most people.

This application is run by the World Food Programme of the United Nations and it is completely voluntary. The problem with this is that other people have to donate if you want anyone to be fed. You can track where your money is going and who is going to be fed.

Charity Miles

This is a great application that makes use of people who exercise. This is a great thing, because people who exercise should make use of their legs. Bikers and runners can earn varying amounts of money, 25 cents per mile for runners and 10 cents per mile for bikers. Just turn the application on and make sure that it is running while you are earning other people their meals on your daily exercise routines. This isn’t a novel concept so check to see if there are local applications available for your region.

Donate a Photo

This is an interesting application where you can download photos daily and Johnson & Johnson will match every photo you download with a single dollar. This is a great way for you to download some photos, particularly since there are amazing photos uploaded to the app, and you can thus earn money for those in need.

Be My Eyes

This is a great application which will connect you through a video call to people who have visual impairment. You can help them with daily tasks such as viewing a photo, product declarations or anything else where they literally need a working pair of eyes. It takes a minute but can make someone’s entire day.

We all install and use tons of applications on a daily basis, but why not take a bit of time and use these applications which can help us give something back to the world. Charity is great and with these applications, you can help the world around you, both locally and on a more global scale.