Travel Photography: How to Get Started

Who wouldn’t want to travel the world, take beautiful pictures, and get paid to do it? Being a professional travel photographer is nowadays an in-demand career because it offers freedom and opportunity to travel the world. If this sounds like something you would like to do, read on to learn how you can get started.

Know your reasons

Before you even begin planning your first destination and buying the most expensive camera there is, think of the reasons why you want to do this in the first place. Be completely honest with yourself and write down the reasons and motivations for pursuing this path in life. You might think this is an unimportant step right now, but there will come a time when you will need all the motivation you can get, and when a simple reminder of your reasons will come in handy.

Get better at taking photos

This one is obvious, but it has to be said – your travel photos need to be professional and high-quality. This means that you have to dedicate a considerable amount of time practicing and improving your photography skills before you set off on your first trip. Practice taking pictures of locations around you and try to find beauty even in some unattractive surroundings. It is also a good idea to follow some tutorials or take courses. 

Develop your style

In a see of travel photographers, what sets you apart from the rest? You should work on developing your own, unique style that will make your photos noticeable. For example, you can take candid photos of people in different countries, or focus on underwater photography. Of course, nobody expects you to know your style from the very beginning, but you should always work on that throughout your career. You can brainstorm all of your interests when it comes to traveling, and then figure out how to incorporate those in your photos. 


If you are ready to take your travel photography to a professional level, you need to build a portfolio. A portfolio should be a curated collection of your best works, and it serves as a sort of a CV for your clients. Having an online portfolio as well as a physical one can be very helpful  – you will be ready to present your work to clients anytime and in any situation. There are many different ways to organize a travel photography portfolio, but in general, you should organize it based on destination and style. 

Website or blog

Another great way to show your work to a huge audience is by creating a website or a blog. A great thing about websites and blogs is that you can present your photos in any way you want to and sometimes this means that clients can see your work in a completely new light. Moreover, websites and blogs, as well as social media platforms can be a great way for you to grow your audience and become more known. 

Contacting clients

If you want to take matters into your own hands, you can also contact clients yourself by sending them a message and your portfolio. Every business needs professional photos, and you would be surprised how many need travel photographers. Try finding websites that use travel photography and feel free to contact them. You might get a couple of rejections, but along the way, you will also find businesses that you will work with for a long time.