5 Types Of Street Art

I have many hobbies that I like to spend my free time on. For example, some days I like to watch shows, some I like to solve puzzles, and others I like to partake in a bit of online gambling over at Betfred. Recently, I have also added art to my interests, but not just any type of art. Street art! People have been using public locations to express themselves artistically for a long time. Buildings, alleys, shop windows, where a lot of people circulate, are the best place to show the world your opinion, discontent, or simply send a message that will find its audience. Therefore, any kind of art that has been created in a public location can be categorized as street art

Street art varies from country to country. Even within the same country, it differs from one area to the next, due to the issues of that particular area. However, street art doesn’t always get created with the goal to raise awareness. Sometimes the reasons are of aesthetical nature. Although street art is usually connected to spray paint art and wall paintings, there are a number of other ways for artists to show their skills out in the open.


Graffiti may seem like a modern artistic invention, but the truth is they even existed in ancient Greece and Egypt. The best way to describe graffiti is as writings on the walls. They can vary from simple words to strong messages that evoke awareness. Depending on the level of their emotional or aesthetic value they can become an important part of a certain area.

Yarn Bombing

It may come as a surprise that knitting has become a form of street art. But it has, and it looks spectacular. Knitting has been known as a craft that was used for ages. Its popularity might have gone down a bit since it was mostly associated with elderly people, but yarn bombing changed everything. This form of street art first appeared in 2002. Instead of using paints or sprays, artists used biodegradable yarn to decorate the trees. 


For most people, posters are often overlooked and considered only as a way of advertising.

This unique way of printed 2D paintings, drawings, and calligraphy is different from banners and art prints. We can usually spot them hanging on a wall. Since their usual purpose is to spread some information they are usually printed in large quantities.There is a wide range of different types of posters, from simple ones that are used for a particular notice to artistic ones. 

Sticker Street Art

Stickers can be extremely useful and fun. Adults use them to mark important pages in a notebook, and kids use them to personalize their favorite items from toys to furniture. However, they have also found their way into the hearts of street artists. From sticker tagging to sticker slapping, they have been used by artists to send entertaining, humanitarian, and political messages. Other than printed stickers there are also hand-drawn ones.

Moss Art

All over the world, there has been a shift towards more natural and eco-friendly solutions that can help our planet. Street artists have turned towards this greener trend and started using moss as their main tool. Mosses can be easily found and although most of the mosses used are not harmful to humans, an artist should always verify that before using it to create art.