The Top 5 Street Artists

It is believed that hobbies are essential for people’s well-being. It’s important to do what makes a person happy and fulfilled. Some people enjoy hanging out with friends, some read books, and some have fun using bet365 bonus code. Besides that, many people have always felt the need to express themselves in some way. We find this evidence everywhere throughout our history, even in prehistoric times. The walls of caves in Altamira and Lascaux are covered in depictions of animals, and these are just some of the earliest forms of creative expression that humans have created. As time went on, art became more and more refined and evolved with each new generation of artists, who each found new and innovative ways to express themselves, send a message to the audience, and try to move the viewer in some way. This, many would argue, is the true purpose of art.

Street art

One of the greatest landmarks of the twentieth and the twenty-first century is street art, which branched out and turned painting, a high-brow form of art reserved for cocktail parties and art galleries, and made it available to the common man, passing on the street. Suddenly, you did not need to wear a tuxedo and have a glass of expensive champagne in your hand to appreciate art; you could do it while going to the supermarket. Messages that the artists wanted to convey were now available to all people, without any restrictions.

This form of art has made a lot of artists quite famous, and listed here are some that made a permanent mark in the world of street art.

1. Tracy 168

When we first think of street art, we picture huge letters that are twisted and curved, decorated with bubbles, circles, or spikes. However, not many people think about the artist that started this trend in street art, and that still lasts to this day. The sole person responsible for this is Michael Tracy, aka Tracy 168, who became famous for his work in the seventies and the eighties.

2. Lady Pink

Lady pink is one of the few female street artists who helped develop this form of art.

She was active in the seventies and the eighties in New York and her work is known for strong feminist messages as well as messages that turn the public eye to the problems of Hispanic people in the US.

3. Keith Haring

Unlike almost all street artists, Haring actually attended art school, where he had plenty of opportunities to perfect his technique, and find inspiration. After graduating, he soon started creating his art on the subway, using chalk to paint images from popular culture.

4. Banksy

me & banksy / CC BY (

When it comes to street art, very few artists have earned the reputation that Banksy has. One of the most surprising facts about him is that his identity is unknown, although there are plenty of rumors and conspiracy theories regarding his identity. Banksy started working in the 1990s and continues to be active to this day, using spray paint and stencils to send powerful political messages to people, usually by combining them with popular culture references. One of the things that he is very well known for is his relevance when it comes to his art because it is always tied with the current problems in the world. His work is very popular and expensive among art collectors.