The Biggest Social Issues in Modern-Day America

Observing and analyzing history can sometimes be a tricky thing to do. For example, when we are playing poker we need to know how to play well and we do that by practice and analyzing our past mistakes. The same is with history – we need to learn from it, but that’s not easy. Because we learned about it in school, it often becomes a part of that ‘imaginary realm’ that has little or nothing to do with our own society, and the consequences of which cannot be felt in our world, the world we live in. However, things are never like that, and things that may seem very remote to us can still be very present and alive. America today is experiencing a great realization when it comes to this, and more and more people are stepping up to raise awareness against the social problems that have plagued America for a long time.

Why didn’t people react sooner?

As we mentioned, sometimes it is very difficult to see that there is inequality around us, especially if it does not affect us personally. People can unwillingly turn a blind eye to issues in their vicinity because they think it is none of their business. However, sometimes we should look beyond our own yard and face the reality, which is that the American society is not perfect, but if everyone joined in, it could become perfect.

So what are some of the biggest social problems that America is facing today?


This has been a problem for the United States for centuries, but it has only grown in size and become more concerning for all people coming to America in hope of a better life.

Every day, there are discussions about border safety and immigration quotas, in an attempt to limit the number of people coming into the country.

Of course, we should not forget that the office of the President is doing its best to build a wall on the southern border, to prevent any illegal immigrants from entering the country. All of this is just aggravated by the fact that both the people for and against these policies have some fairly radical stances, and the average citizen often cannot decide which side to pick.

Affordable housing

The United States is facing one of the most difficult periods for finding affordable housing. The average person who rents an apartment cannot afford it with only forty working hours every week. This often means that young people have to work more than one job or find roommates with which they can split the costs of living.

Almost eighty percent of renters across the country cannot afford to buy their own homes, and they are forced to pay enormous prices every month in order to have a roof over their heads. This makes it very difficult for young people to start a family or take on a life of their own, and it is clear why so many young people choose to live with their parents even after they have finished university and started working.


Although things seemed to be getting better for the US when Barack Obama was elected president, now we see that America still has a long way to go before systemic racism is dealt with, and all people are treated equally, regardless of the color of their skin or any other trait. This is precisely why people all across America have raised their voices against systemic racism and oppression, and we can also see many celebrities and companies joining in and supporting the cause. Their motto is that racism cannot only be fought in Congress, but also in every aspect of our lives.