Year: 2021

How to Become a Successful Street Artist

In the past couple of years, street art has grown from simple vandalism to one of the most innovative and creative forms of expression. With Banksy’s rise to popularity, street art has gotten the recognition it deserves so that it is now used even in political campaigns, such as Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. It is…

Travel Photography: How to Get Started

Who wouldn’t want to travel the world, take beautiful pictures, and get paid to do it? Being a professional travel photographer is nowadays an in-demand career because it offers freedom and opportunity to travel the world. If this sounds like something you would like to do, read on to learn how you can get started….

5 Types Of Street Art

People have been using public locations to express themselves artistically for a long time. Buildings, alleys, shop windows, where a lot of people circulate, are the best place to show the world your opinion, discontent, or simply send a message that will find its audience. Therefore, any kind of art that has been created in…

3 Rules To Choosing The Right Friends

Our personality is greatly defined by the relationships in our lives. Parents, siblings, partners, fellow students, and co-workers are just some of the people who surround us daily. They provide us with input about the world around us, that further creates our reality. It goes without saying that the quality of these relationships is also…